Wellness Center

The SCHARP Oasis House Wellness Center assists in increasing the client’s development of a lifestyle based in wellness and recovery that includes a peer network and concomitantly, decrease their reliance on more traditional outpatient mental health services. Over half of the Wellness Center staff are former consumers of mental health services.  Itt is likely that Wellness Center participants will be individuals who have been in their permanent housing situation for more than one year and have graduated from the MHSA – FCCS program. Wellness Center Activities are determined by the participants in the program and currently include such activities as Job skills, search and interviewing, English as a Second Language, Computer Basics, Diabetes Awareness and Yoga.

Oasis House - Field Capable Clinical Services (FDES)

FCCS participants must have a moderate to severe serous and persistent mental illness.  SCHARP has committed to serve the population of adults who are homeless or at risk of homeless, many of whom may have co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse histories who are living in subsidized permanent housing situations. This group of MHSA FCCS participants are “graduates” of  SCHARP Homeless Services programs and have attained permanent supportive housing through application for tenant based S+C or Section 8 certificates or in permanent affordable supportive housing apartment buildings.

PATH Outreach

 The PATH staff conducts outreach at emergency shelters to identify and engage indigent homeless mentally ill adults many of whom have issues of substance abuse.  PATH enrolled clients receive case management services to link them to other SCHARP programs or to other providers in the community who provide mental health, physical health, housing and other services.

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