Intensive Field Capable Clinical Services (IFCCS)

Program Overview:

The IFCCS program is a field based program which aims support children and families from ages zero to 21 years old, who reside in Los Angeles County, have full-scope Medical-Cal, have an open child welfare case, and meets criteria for mental health services.  The goal of these services is to provide and facilitate child and family team meetings in order to meet the underlying needs of the families in order to minimize higher levels of care and out of home placement.  A unique component of IFCCS is the ability for the team to support the child and family countywide across the service areas as many of the youth referred to this program have complex circumstances.     

About the Team:

The IFCCS team includes the family, a Care Coordinator, Clinician, Rehabilitative Specialist and psychiatric services.  Services include bio-psychosocial assessments, individual and family treatment, 24/7 mental health crisis intervention, medication support, case management, and child and family team meetings in order to stabilize and help families thrive in their own environment. 

Contact IFCCS:

For more information or questions, please contact the SCHARP Children’s Department at (310) 667-4070

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