Full Service Partnership

Program Overview

Full Service Partnership (FSP) is a comprehensive and intensive mental health program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. FSP utilizes a “whatever it takes” field-based approach using innovative interventions to help people reach their recovery goals. FSP programs have a multi-disciplinary team consisting of clinicians, para-professionals, and consumers that provide a wealth of resources and support.

What services are included?

Therapy Case management Medication Support Groups Substance Use Recovery Medical Care Coordination Employment Readiness Benefits Eligibility Housing Readiness Transportation

Who qualifies for services?

Adults ages 26-59 who have a mental illness and are currently experiencing or at risk of: Homelessness Incarceration Frequent Hospitalization FSP is funded by Proposition 63 the Mental Health Services Act. If you are interested in learning more about services, please contact (323) 751-3026

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